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Eric Episodes
Worlds Apart

The Quantum Quest

Clash For Control Part II

Clash For Control Part II

Bodyguard in Blue

Trust and Triumph

Trip Takes A Stand

Quantum Secrets

Movie Madness Part II

A monster Cinecon traps all the rangers in different worlds. Eric is cast as Tarzan when Circuit asks for his help in locating the other rangers. In the jungle he helps a monkey get a banana and then is chased by the island inhabitants. The episode ends with him getting captured and the inhabitants preparing to eat him.

Movie Madness Part II

With the help of the monkey Eric escapes and as the island inhabitants chase him, he's flying through the air when he's suddenly transported back to Silver Hills (The clapboard was destroyed by Wes), and crashes into a wall. Ouch! He comes to in time to help freeze Cinecon with the Q-Rex.

Time Force Traitor

Eric had a small part in this episode when he appeared to get the rangers out of trouble battling Steelix.

Frax's Fury

Dawn of Destiny

Fight Against Fate

Destiny Defeated

Eric was leaving Silver Hills. As his taxi was driving through town, he saw the battle between Dragontron, the Time Force Megazord, and the Time Shadow megazord and realized that he can't quit being the Quantum Ranger so quickly. Jumping out of the taxi, he morphs and called on the Q-Rex to help destroy Dragontron. As Wes was running towards the hospital, Eric pulls up in his Silver Guardians car and gives him a lift. I guess we haven't seen the last of him after all.

Undercover Rangers

A company is selling a power drink the makes you stronger. At the same time Trip and Katie witnessed the amazing feat of a skinny guy lifting huge weights, Eric pulled up in his Silver Guardians SUV. Later on, after Wes and Jen go undercover and their identities are discovered, Eric comes to their rescue. They morph and, joined by the other rangers, take down the mutant.

Time For Lightspeed

When Vypra tries to steal the Solar Amulet, she finds out she can't and leaves the museum. Outside waits the Silver Guardians, led by Eric to arrest her, but she easily blasts them and gets away. The other Rangers show up then to help and Wes asks Eric what happened to which he has no answer. When Vypra and Ransik succeed in stealing the Solar Amulet, Carter Grayson assembles the Lightspeed Rangers to help out the Time Force Rangers. When the ten of them are assembled, Eric pulls up in his SUV with Ryan in the passenger seat. Morphing, all them defeat the monster Quarganon who came from the Amulet. Presumably later, Eric recieves Ryan's Lightspeed Rescue jacket, though he wasn't there when the other five recieved theirs.

Reflections of Evil

Circuit Unsure

A Calm Before The Storm

The End of Time Part I

The End of Time Part II

The End of Time Part III

Eric didn't have a big part in the final episode. Probably in the hospital recuperating from his injuries in the previous battle. He was on the beach with the Silver Guardians, Mr. Collins, and the rangers to say goodbye. He commanded the salute when the Time Ship took off. He also relinquished the role of leader of the Guardians to Wes, agreeing to be his partner instead.

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